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Original KotORFiles review:

"Christmas is very near now and when this wonderful holiday comes it�s always nice to get things that help the holiday spirit. One of the most popular types of candy you can have to help celebrate the Christmas Season are candy canes; of course when you think of candy canes, you think of something that goes into your mouth to eat, but you don't see eating going on in Knights of the Old Republic, you see fighting throughout the game.


To help put this site get into the Christmas Spirit, Inyri Forge decided to make us a Candy Cane Sword. Since this is a holiday themed mod that will be used once a year if anybody is interested, less work should be involved or whatever is easier to just get the mod out, right? Well, the author did take that direction with this release and decided to have the new Candy Cane Sword replace the default first long sword in Knights of the Old Republic.


This weapon is more commonly seen in the beginning part of the game. When the author and I were talking earlier in the evening about her work, we both chuckled at the idea of a Black Vulkar pulling out a candy cane to fight your PC on Taris. Since it's a quick replacement model and texture, it can be easily removed once you�re out of the holiday spirit. Merry Christmas! big grin


Note: Please leave the author feedback, especially if you download this mod and use it. It really helps encourage the author to make more mods in the future.




Installation Instructions:

Place the contents of the ZIP folder into your Knights of the Old Republic override folder.



I can never resist a holiday mod, although I almost forgot to finish this one! Last year it was the Santa Hats (;73915), so this year it's Candy Cane swords to go with it! I had them overwrite the longsword because I thought that'd be funny, so anything that uses the longsword model will appear as a candy cane. Either play with them that way, or cleverly make your own uber Candy Cane UTI to 'celebrate' the holidays with. Just to make it clear, I don't condone killing people as being 'in the holiday spirit'. Now that my lawyer can rest easy (:P just kidding) go ahead and pummel some Sith with pure sugar and peppermint!



None that I know of this time! <3



Now kids, don't go snooping around the house looking for your Christmas presents. It ruins the surprise!

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