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Made this for a friend, but if anyone else wants to use this, go ahead.. This mod gives you the option to skip the entire Telos surface, taking the shuttle directly to Atris. You get an approximate amount of items you'd get if you played through the surface, the approximate amount of experience and Bao-Dur gets added to your party. No problems have yet been found, but if you do find any, contact me and I'll see about fixing them. Any other suggestions are also welcome.


For both the PC and Xbox version of the game.

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Thanks ... Telos is a pain sometimes and the Citadel station skip doesn't give items, crippling you in the future. The fact you gave items and exp is nice cause now I don't have to go through the savegame editor and be like "well, I killed about 25 people ... so that's this much exp ... and if half of them gave items ... and every 7 gave shields ..." ugghh.

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Guest MatriarchInfinity36656


Ok I just tried this mod out and it didn't work for me. I added it to my override folder after I installed it then I'm at the skip Telos by the shuttle which good thing I saved before that, and I selected "Don't skip Telos" right as I get to the surface of Telos the whole game blackscreens on me only with my mouse cursor showing. If I go to save it then load it again Bao-Dur is missing, only his remote remains there. If the creator of this mod or anyone can help me with this issue that would be great. I've literally tried everything and I can't find any way to fix this issue.


1 more thing even if I do skip Telos to the Academy it shows Bao Dur's name in the snow by the shuttle but no Bao-Dur.

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Where do yo u actually go to skip Telos?

You get on the shuttle to leave the Citadel Station and it should give you the option to skip and go straight to the polar region, or play it normal.

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Excuse me, I have just recently downloaded this mod and I would like to know how do I get it up and running. The only mods I have ever used have been with the Steam Workshop where you just Subscribe and they work.

Any help that you all can provide would be much appreciated.

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