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Teleportation?by Fair Strides

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Fair Strides at deadlystream.com

Fair Strides 2 at Lucasforums.com




Hello guys! How ya been? Everything okay on the forums? Glad to hear it, because this is the only way I can contact you guys.


This mod is highly experimental, with a lot taken from NWNLexicon. If it works, I'll try the other idea that failed miserably. So far this only works if you don't leave the module, but if my other idea works, this won't be so. With this mod, you can set up a position, teleport back to it, and the teleport back to where you were in the first place. I can see it being useful if you're tired of walking all the way across the module, or if you're getting slaughtered in combat...


EDIT: I finally ironed out the issues that I was having, so now it will actually work. I thought that might be a little important. :P

Thanks for reading and enjoy the mod, guys!



EDIT(as of 10/27/2012):This is version 2.0, complete with fixes. You should now use the Portal Band for moving around in a module, and the Mod Warper Band for moving between modules, though it's a little buggy.



giveitem modwarper


giveitem portalband


Just run the .exe to install the mod.



Read the 'Issue.txt' file. I did manage to fix the issues of wrong warp placement, and the probably-unnoticed glitch up when a dead party member was involved.



My patience for doing such an endeavor solo, since I can't get on the boards to ask you guys for help. Many headaches with this one.



You have the given right to modify these files any way you wish, for personal or public use, but if for public use please contact me to let me know ahead of time and to see what's been changed. Disregard this requirement after 4/30/2060.


If I am unreachable on the forums, then either email me(and put the mod name in the subject line, please), or contact one of the older modders, like cHaInZ.2DA, Hassat Hunter, or Bead-v. I would trust their judgement as to whether or not the changes to my mod are good. You might ask Malkior, as well. However, before asking them, email me, as I can get on my email in the mornings at school, so I'll probably answer you. Can't send files, though; the internet has a pretty good filter, and I don't want to risk trouble...

What's New in Version 1.0


  • 10/20/2012~~Initial Release
  • 11/6/2012~~Hopefully less buggy and more advanced

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