maverick187's Ancient Sword [for TSL] 1.0.0

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About This File

Ancient Sword (for TSL): modeled and skinned by: maverick187
Creation date: May 27th, 2005
This is simply a new sword model, very katana like, for KotOR: TSL, no special stats other than an Awareness +2 bonus, the sword is upgradeable.

Note: version 1.1 fix: fixed w_Vbroswrd_oo1.mdl as showing the same appearance as the sword in this mod.

mav_ktnbld_001.uti - .uti file, item properties etc.
iw_vbroswrd_087.tga - menu icon
mav_swrdktn.tga/.txi - the texture and shader files for the sword
w_vbroswrd_087.mdl/.mdx - the model files for the sword. DON'T TOUCH!!! ;)

Installation and Uninstallation:

To install place all of the files in the override folder.

to uninstall remove them from the override folder.

In-Game Placement:

Simple, as there is none. Instead use the cheat code "giveitem mav_ktnbld_001"

or do the following:

1. Extract and/or Open itemcreate.2da and itemcreatemira.2da, using Kotor Tool

2. Scroll down to the bottom of each and type the following in each:

column..-..what you type

(Row Label) number

Comments, Complaints, Questions:

[see read me for e-mail]


Fred Tetra: Heaps of thanks for the ever-helpful Kotor Tool
T7nowhere: Thank you for helping me to start modeling.
svösh: Tons of thanks for helping me figure out my texture warping problem with this model as well as helping me with several other modeling problems of mine :)

NOTE FROM JUMPSTATIONZ ARCHIVIST: This mod – like most of the mods in the JumpStationZ Archive - has not been tested recently.  (Note the creation date above precedes both K1CP and K1R.)  If you download and install this mod, you assume all risk.  Additionally, you may note that this mod has no screenshots other than the old JumpStationZ logo and the title of the mod.  Feel free to include screenshots with your review if you feel moved to.

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Good model, nice texture, sword icon is present. The only drawback is the need to use cheats to get the sword.



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