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Korriban is one of my favorite places from KOTOR, both in terms of visual and storytelling. With this textures pack, I aimed to give to this place a fresh look while respecting and highlighting its eventful past and its dusty, hostile atmosphere.
WARNING: if you are a hardcore vanilla supporter, this mod won't be for you (and there are already a lot of vanilla upscaled textures mods available). Not that this mod is not lore-friendly compared to the SW universe (to me at least it is) but it changes most of the vanilla textures by original and home made ones.

My main inspiration when creating these textures was the SWTOR game and The Clone Wars serie.



This mod DOES replace textures for:
- Architecture
- Grounds
- Rocks

This mod DOES NOT replace textures for:
- Skybox (using the great High Quality Skybox II is strongly recommended).
- NPCs
- Ebon Hawk cockpit view.

- Textures are TGA 2048x2048 pixels (based on my experience there's no need to go highter in resolution in this game. 4K textures on old graphics games  is just a waste of ressource to me). The total size is 1.17gb on your HDD once installed.

- These textures add maximum details with minimum tilling effect. On a low poly game with no normal/bump maps, tilling REALLY IS your enemy.

- I used a soft cell shading style because in my opinion photorealistic textures on low poly meshes just look weird and not that great (but again this is my taste).

- Hi quality Reflection effects added to metallic objects like walls, floors,...



- On a vanilla unmodded game (if such thing still exist):
Extract the file and drop the Override folder in your game install folder. That's it.

- On an already modded game:
there's a high probability that you already have the same files than this mod in your Override folder. These files can be TGA or TPC (or both). So follow these steps:
1/ Extract the file and drop the Override folder in your game install folder. Overwrite existing files when asked.
2/ Download and use the Removes duplicate TGA/TPC tool (easy to use but make sure to read the description). When asked delete the TPC duplicates.

By doing this, you make sure there is no conflict with existing modded TPC files in your Override folder so my textures will appear as expected in your game.

NOTE: This pack does not cover 100% of Korriban textures so it is recommended to install it over a vanilla overhaul textures pack to get a complete HD experience. Just make sure you are installing a Vanilla overhaul BEFORE installing my pack.



- Could you make a TPC version?
I've tried to convert the mod in TPC but this format breaks many reflection effects when a texture uses an Alpha channel. As I'm not used to work with this format I don't know how I could fix it and to be honest I don't really care. If a simple solution exists then why not providing a TPC version.

- I don't like this or that, could you change it?
It is a very personal project from a pre-Disney SW fans so like any old school SW supporter I'm very stubborn and closed-mind. It will be unlikely that I take your idea in consideration, but you may try.

- Do you plan "revisiting" others places from KOTOR?
I've already done a few planets (see the collection above this page) and more may come in the future.



- Kexikus and his High Quality Skybox II mod which I used on my pics.
- ShiningRedHD and his Ultimate Korriban High Resolution mod which I used as a template to help me finding correct files/textures in the game. It was also my "vanilla" benchmark used to calibrate my own textures colors and luminosity.
- Many other modders for all the files I'm using on my game and can not list here.

What's New in Version 1.1   See changelog


Global update improving/polishing most textures. The mod should be 100% done now.

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