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Weapons of the Old Republic




Released December, 20/ 2006


About WotOR:

Section I: Installation Instructions

Section II: UnInstallation Instructions

Section III: Possible Mod conflicts

Section IV: Credits

Section V: Special thanks

Section VI: Terms of use


About WotOR: *This mod is intended to be played with a new game, playing it with a current save game may make you miss several cool weapons* The main focus of this mod was to give as many of the interesting NPC's their own unique weapons. This mod adds 22 new models for your eye candy pleasure. All of the weapons are integrated into the game as seamlessly as possible. Many of the models are just straight replacements for the characters original weapons some are completely new. It's your job to find out which are which ;).


I tried to keep the weapons balanced, some may even be a little under powered, but since I don't know which path you take through the game I kept them as close to the weapons that are found in the area. Only a few of the weapons have new stats most are the same was the originals.


Section I: Installation Instructions

To install this mod simply begin the installation and navigate to your SWKotOR root folder and hit the “ok”  button. The Patcher is set to automatically back up any files that it modifies in your override.


Pay close attention to the install log for warnings and errors. It is very likely that this mod will include the same files that may have been used by other modders.


To install the Patches unzip the 2 files labeled “Upgrades”, and copy/paste to overwrite the files already located in the Override folder.


Section II: UnInstallation Instructions

To uninstall this mod you will need to delete all the files that belong to WotOR from the Override directory. the easiest way to find all of this mods files is to Copy them from the extracted archive and and paste them into override and overwrite all files, this will select all of the files used by WotOR and allow you to right click one of the highlighted files and choose delete(to delete all the files selected).


Then find the Backup folder the the patcher created and restore the backups of the files that you originally had in Override before installing WotOR.


Section III: Possible Mod conflicts

The most likely conflicts you will find if any, will be with the .utc(character files). If you do have multiple mods that modify the same utc you will need to combine the files. (I will add the editing of UTC files to the patcher at a later date)

Section IV: Credits


svösh: Darth Bandon's saber


Mono_Giganto: The One's Vibrosword



Malak's saber

Ajunta Pall's Blade

Bastila's  Double-lightsaber

Calo Nord's Heavy Blasters

Canderous' Ordo's repeating blaster

Carth's Blaster pistol

Chuundar's Bowcaster

HK-47's Repeating Blaster Rifle

Jolee's Lightsaber

Juhani/Quatra's Lightsaber

Mission's Vibrosword

Saul Karath's hold out blaster

Sherruk's Heavy Repeating Blaster

Sherruk's  trophy Jedi knight's lightsaber

Sherruk's  trophy Jedi Double-Bladed Lightsaber

Yuthura's Jedi Lightsaber

Yuthura's Sith Lightsaber

Bacca's Ceremonial Blade

Zaalbar's Bowcaster


Section V: Special thanks


Special Gratitude goes out to Shem for play testing, proof reading and debugging. I couldn't have released this mod without his help.


A very Special Thanks goes out to cchargin who made it Possible for us to make

new models for use in KotOR/TSL, tk102 for his very useful utilities for which we all could not mod KotOR and TSL with out, Fred Tetra for his continued support of KotoR tool(aka. KT) another tool us modders could not live without and stoffe -mkb- for the fantastic TSL patcher which has made installing mods much simpler. ;) for those that don't have to set up the installer) :)


Additional thanks goes out to all the people that have been so patiently waiting for me to release this mod and for remembering that I started it ;)



Section VI: Terms of use

This mod may not be re-upload to any other website unless explicit permission to do so is given by the WotOR mod Team.


You may alter the contents of this mod in anyway you see fit for your personal use only.


You are not allowed to use any of this mods resources in other released mods without express written consent of the WotOR modding team.


Acknowledgement: Special Thanks to Sith Holocron for the new WoTOR Logo!

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