Spooky Rakatan K1 - By Lewok 1.0.0

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About This File

It's the Spooky Month of the year, so there will be Spooky Mods!

This changes the Rakatan to be more spooky.

What their designs are meant to be like:
N_Rakata01 - Supposed to be a killer cult member murdere kind of vibe.
(I also put in some blood dripping details)
N_Rakata02 - Supposed to look like a demon, with sharp teeth and red clothing
(This one has some details I put on it, some obvious, some aren't.)
N_Rakata03 - This one is the most scariest of all, it was supposed to be a ghost Rakata.
(Doesn't look like it lol)

Installation Directions:
1. UNZIP/Extract Spooky Rakatan K1 1.0.zip
2. Copy all of the files in Spooky Rakatan K1 into the Override Folder
OPTIONAL - 3. Download and Install Kotor Save Editor if you haven't, and change
your in game appearence to be one of the Rakata. 
- The name of the Rakata appearences should be something like "Alien_Rakata01" 
to "Alien_Rakata03" or just something that looks like these.

Hope you enjoy my Mod

You are allowed to use these retextures in your own mods, just give me credit :)

Should be K1R compatible.

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