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AUTHOR: Sith Holocron


GAMES: Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 2

[This mod will not work in Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 1 as intended. Please use this version designed for KotOR1 instead.]



So . . . this is the second part of another mod that I’ve had on my computer/s for some time but I hadn’t gotten around to putting out there to the public. Until now. 

This all started out with getting higher resolution icons for crystals in TSL.  Now that I’ve successfully had a decent trial run with the KOTOR1 Polished Crystals Icon Pack, the KotOR2 version is finally ready.  I found source pictures of many crystals over the years and took care to try and match the color, crystal type and - when possible – even the orientation of the crystal to match what you saw in the vanilla game. 

From the pictures you’ve (hopefully) seen on the download page, you’ll notice that some of the crystals appear to be duplicated.  That’s how it is handled in the game and it wasn’t an error on my part.


Before you install this mod, go to the Override folder of your KotOR 2 game directory, and check if there are any files with these filenames in your Override folder:

  • iw_SbrCrstl_001
  • iw_SbrCrstl_002
  • iw_SbrCrstl_003
  • iw_SbrCrstl_004
  • iw_SbrCrstl_005
  • iw_SbrCrstl_006
  • iw_SbrCrstl_007
  • iw_SbrCrstl_008
  • iw_SbrCrstl_009
  • iw_SbrCrstl_010
  • iw_SbrCrstl_011
  • iw_SbrCrstl_012
  • iw_SbrCrstl_013
  • iw_SbrCrstl_014
  • iw_SbrCrstl_015
  • iw_SbrCrstl_016
  • iw_SbrCrstl_017
  • iw_SbrCrstl_018
  • iw_SbrCrstl_018a
  • iw_SbrCrstl_020
  • iw_SbrCrstl_021
  • iw_SbrCrstl_022
  • iw_SbrCrstl_023
  • iw_SbrCrstl_024
  • iw_SbrCrstl_025
  • iw_SbrCrstl_026
  • iw_SbrCrstl_027
  • iw_SbrCrstl_028
  • iw_SbrCrstl_029
  • iw_SbrCrstl_030
  • iw_SbrCrstl_031
  • iw_SbrCrstl_031a
  • iw_SbrCrstl_032
  • iw_SbrCrstl_033
  • iw_SbrCrstl_034
  • iw_SbrCrstl_035
  • iw_SbrCrstl_036
  • iw_SbrCrstl_037
  • iw_SbrCrstl_038
  • iw_SbrCrstl_039
  • iw_SbrCrstl_040
  • iw_SbrCrstl_041
  • iw_SbrCrstl_042
  • iw_SbrCrstl_043
  • iw_SbrCrstl_044
  • iw_SbrCrstl_045
  • iw_SbrCrstl_046
  • iw_SbrCrstl_047
  • iw_SbrCrstl_048
  • iw_SbrCrstl_049


If there already are any files with these filenames in your Override folder, remove them and place them elsewhere. It doesn’t matter if the files that share the file names are in a different file format (like TPC or DDS) – they’ll need to be removed.  Once that is done, then drop the TGA files of my mod into your Override folder.



Remove the above listed TGA files from your Override folder. 


Legal Disclaimer:

All materials and copyrights belong to LucasArts, Bioware and Obsidian Entertainment Inc. I own none of the materials, and I'm not making any money out of this mod. It is to be distributed

as-is without alteration, unless by permission of me.  This mod is not to be distributed for profit, either.


I hereby state that I specifically do NOT wish this mod to be uploaded to Steam Workshop. Ever.


I may release this on NexusMods at a later date but I don't wish others to do so.  Usage in other mods must be requested and approved by me before your use.


For those that Beta-Test, I salute you!

Thanks to Leilukin, for beta testing, taking the screenshots featured on the download page, and input on this description!


Special Thanks:

Thanks to YOU for giving this mod a chance!  Won’t you leave textual feedback on the download page?  And by “textual feedback”, I specifically mean “Please write a review.” (I like to see what I’ve done right , you see…)

What's New in Version 1.0.0   See changelog


I resized emerald and ruby textures to be about half their original size.

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Emperor Devon

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These new crystal icons are gorgeous. Not only are they higher resolution, they look a lot more like actual crystals. The default crystal icons were too smooth. Crystals should be rough and uneven.

Solid improvement.

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I am but a simple Sith. I see good crystals, I download.

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