Stylized Portraits by Tinman888 1.0.0

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These are beautiful  portraits of the KOTOR PC and companions by Reddit user u/Tinman888 . This mod was made with the artist's permission.

There's two folders in the Override - PC and Companions, in case you just want to use one or the other. As you can see from the preview, the PC portrait is one size fits all, and will appear as such regardless of your character's gender or appearance.

I really loved the style of the portraits done here and just had to have them in my game, so I set about converting the images, and now you can all enjoy them too.

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18 hours ago, Kainzorus Prime said:

Any chance for TSL version?

I've asked the artist about this. Tinman888 said it's a possibility, though it would take a while. I'll keep ya posted and will certainly make a mod in the future if they end up doing portraits for KOTOR II.

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I dig it! I would love if there was a version without the Revan mask, with more of a Dark Cloak look? 


Something like this would be fantastic 





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