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Recruit HK-47 Early v1.0

By brents742

Version Notes
v1.0 - 4/9/2021
     - Initial release

-This mod allows for recruiting HK-47 into your party as quick as possible in a way that lines up with the story arc.

-By scrapping the damaged HK-50 unit inside the Telos Military Base, the player can pick up two additional HK parts (HK Droid Processor and HK Chassis).
 These, in combination with the parts received by the Peragus and Polar Mesa HK-50 encounters, will allow HK-47
 to be rebuilt the moment the player returns to the Ebon Hawk after leaving the Telos Polar Academy.
-Nothing has changed beyond what you are able to do with the damaged HK-50 droid in the Telos Military Base.
 If you want him to follow you and explode near the HK-50 Factory door as normal, you can still do that.
-This mod simply adds a dialog option for scrapping the damaged HK-50 unit instead of programming it to follow you.

-I wanted to create a mod that allows you access to HK-47 early but in a way that makes sense. I toyed with giving the player
 every HK part on Peragus but ran into the question of where is HK-47 on Citadel Station? Was he taken with the Ebon Hawk?
 He wouldn't have allowed the Handmaiden to just walk in and steal the ship. If he is abducted, why is he nowhere in the Polar Academy?
-These are all questions I may solve in a different, admittedly much harder to create, mod later on down the road.
-For the meantime, this mod exists to give him to you as early as the story allows.

-This, like all my mods, takes things that I usually cheat into the game and makes them part of the game.
 One could easily open up the cheat console and give all the hkparts the moment they leave Peragus if they wanted.
 But my vision with every mod I make is to render the cheat console as obsolete as possible.

TSLRCM 1.8.5 or above


When installing with TSLPatcher, you MUST select your Steam workshop TSLRCM directory. Not the main KOTOR 2 directory. When asked by TSLPatcher to browse for a folder, go to your main Steam folder, then steamapps. Then workshop. Then content. Then 208580 (This is KOTOR 2's game code) then find the TSLRCM file. For TSLRCM + M4-78 it will be called 1402798020. For regular TSLRCM it will be called 485537937. Choose which of these folders you have for TSLPatcher to install to and let it work. If you are using other than English TSLRCM your folder code will be a little different.



Run TSLPatcher.exe and follow the prompts.
The patcher will make backups of any existing files you may have that are the same as files this mod uses.
Keep track of this backup folder - which will be located wherever you have the TSLPatcher.exe running from.

Copy and paste the original backed up files of 232tel.mod and 232TEL_dlg.erf that
the TSLPacther made during installation into the Modules folder within your KOTOR II directory.

Getting Started
This mod works best from a save before entering the Telos Military Base.

You can use a save from within the Telos Military Base you may need to
head back to the surface and reenter the Military Base to force the game to load the module again.

Simply speak to the Damaged HK-50 droid and select the option that reads '[Repair] Scavenge the droid for HK series parts.'

Important - Timing
You only get one shot to scrap the Damaged HK-50 droid. If you program it to follow you instead of scrapping it, you'll need to load up a different save and try again.

IMPORTANT - This mod relies upon the hk50.dlg file located in the 232tel.mod and 232TEL_dlg.erf files.
Any mod that changes the hk50.dlg file located within the previously mentioned files will not be compatible with this mod.

A mod that modifies 232tel.mod and 232TEL_dlg.erf should be compatible so long as the hk50.dlg located within these files is not touched.

If you run across a mod that this mod seems to conflict with,
please let me know and I will work to update this mod to address it.

What Specifically does this mod do?
-hk50.dlg was modified within 232tel.mod and 232TEL_dlg.erf to give the player the option to scrap the damaged HK50 unit in the Telos Military Base.
 This new dialog option gives the player two HK parts. Specifically, hkpart01 and hkpart02 which are HK Droid Processor and HK Chassis

-Created the following Booleans:
KES_HK1 boolean - flags when the damaged HK-50 droid has been scrapped, preventing any further actions with the droid.

Permissions and Disclaimers
I, brents742, reserve the right as author of this mod for sole permission to upload some or all of this mod
anywhere for any reason.

If you would like to include any part of this mod in anything, then please
contact me for permission.

The user of the mod is responsible for any damage to their game that may result from using this mod.
Users are encouraged to make relevant backups and do their research on existing mods they have installed
to double check compatibility. All efforts have been made to ensure this mod is as unobtrusive as possible
but ultimate responsibility lies with the end user to check for possible conflicts before installing.

Special Thanks
Fred Tetra - KOTOR Tool

TK102 - DLG Editor

Stoffe and Fair Strides - TSLPatcher

Prydeless for their pink lightsaber mod that inspired me to begin modding to begin with.

The entirety of the DeadlyStream modding forums for their inexhaustible resources and information
that allows anyone with a computer and an idea to sit down and learn how to make their first mod.

Lucasarts, Bioware, and Obsidian for making a game I'm still funneling dozens of hours into
nearly two decades after its initial release.

PM me on Nexus or DeadlyStream or alternatively post on the mod itself and I will get back to you.

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