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Mahalo for downloading my mod!  Hope you use it to make some wild builds in the game. :)

I made this mod because I personally really enjoy optimizing builds, and with K1 you often end up having some "dead" feats.  jonathan7's mod, while doing the job, also felt like it was very incomplete since the player could miss feats if, for whatever reason, they decided to auto-level - and I also didn't like his Persuade change that came with the mod.  Between those 2 things, I decided to make a more feature-complete mod that aims to do the following:

  • Expand character build customization at both character generation and when becoming a Jedi
  • Have auto-level lists not "forget" feats to compensate for the increased amount of feats
  • Optimize auto-level lists mostly for companions to not have completely garbage builds, but still retain their "vanilla" build in some capacity while allowing a more smooth transition into a Jedi for players who wish to auto-level
  • Fix T3's auto-level list (he would miss feats after a certain level if you kept him on auto-level)

You got 3 flavors of the mod:

1) Vanilla Friendly is the one I would recommend for first-timers or for those looking for a "Vanilla+" experience.  This removes the 2 attack feats from each of the non-Jedi classes and gives the player 3 feat points to start with.  Jedi classes are unaffected by this version.

2) Bare Necessities is what I would recommend for most players.  This removes almost every feat from the non-Jedi classes except for Armor Proficiency: Light, weapon proficiencies based on what each class gets from the footlocker at the start of the Endar Spire, and any auto-granted feats like Implant 1 for Scouts and Sneak Attack for Scoundrels.  Soldiers get 7 feats to start, Scouts start with 5, and Scoundrels start with 4.  All Jedi classes have melee and pistol proficiencies removed, and the player now gets 2 feat points when becoming a Jedi.

3) Full Custom is recommended for those looking to absolutely min-max or want to make some truly goofy builds.  Every feat except for Armor Proficiency: Light and auto-granted feats are removed from the non-Jedi classes, so you will literally not be able to use a weapon unless you invest one of your points into a weapon proficiency feat.  Soldiers start with 9 feat points, Scouts start with 7, and Scoundrels start with 6.  All Jedi classes have lightsaber, melee, and pistol proficiencies and Jedi Defense removed, and the player now gets 3 feat points when becoming a Jedi.  Players can still select Weapon Proficiency: Lightsaber and Jedi Defense as options when leveling up as a Jedi.


1) Download and extract the mod folder to wherever on your computer.

2) Run the "Install Expanded Build Customization" executable from the mod folder.

3) Select your version and click on the “Start Patching” button on the bottom of the pop-up window.

4) Select where your game directory is - it should be something like C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\swkotor

5) Let the installer do its thing.

6) If there are no errors, you are good to go!

You got 2 options:

1) You can delete both feat.2da and featgain.2da from your Override folder.


2) Go to the backup folder where you ran this installer, move those files back into the Override folder, and let the backups overwrite the current feat.2da and featgain.2da.

This mod doesn’t change anything except for feat.2da and featgain.2da, so it should be compatible with any mod that doesn’t make any changes to those 2 files.  Even then, this mod should be ok to use with things like N-DReW25’s Sneak Attack X Restoration and Shem’s Feat Progression since my mod doesn’t touch the things those 2 mods do.  This is not compatible with mods that aim to do the same thing, such as jonathan7’s Character Start Up Change, since both mods are similar in nature and affect a lot of the same things.

Please note that I am not responsible for anything that happens to your savefile, your game, or even (Force forbid) your computer.  I am under no obligation to help you if you encounter any issues with the game.  If you want to include this mod into your mod, please credit me and feel free to do so.


What's New in Version 1.0   See changelog


  • Rebranded mod to Expanded Build Customization
  • Added Bare Necessities version to installer
  • Re-did the recommended lists for auto-leveling, balanced around companions
  • Jedi now start with more feat points in both Bare Necessities and Full Custom versions in exchange for removing relevant weapon proficiencies and Jedi Defense
  • Fixed T3's recommended list since he stops getting feats after his 7th feat when he should be getting more
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Ol' Cappy

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I might be biased but 10/10 mod, best mod ever made.

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