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Ed: The mod has not been tested with TSLRCM so I'm currently listing it as TSLRCM incompatible.


Title: Grenades Mod
Version: 1.0
Author: Xcom
Idea: JCDenton
E-Mail: [redacted - see read-me for more info]


Extract k_sup_grenade.ncs to kotor2\Override directory.
If you don't have Override directory inside Kotor2, create it.


The mod modifies grenade and rocket damage and DC based on your demolitions skills which means the higher demolition skill,
the greater is damage. This works both ways (also when enemy throw grenades at you). The mod also makes Thermal Detonator
impossible to evade (via Evasion feat).

I'd like to thank everyone who contributed at Holowan Labs.


(Feb 25, 2005)

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I think this is a mod that should be in everyone's override. In the vanilla game grenades quickly become useless, as their low damage and DC makes it so that it is not even really worth throwing them past Telos, which almost makes me wonder why they were put in the game in the first place. By making grenades and rockets scale with the Demolitions skill, it makes explosives actually useful in the later game. I've used explosives with several characters with a variety of Demolitions skill and I personally don't think the damage is that overpowered. However, it does do enough damage where setting a high Demolitions character on "Grenadier" and having them spam grenades is a viable tactic.

In terms of compatibility, I have TSLRCM installed with a bunch of other mods and none of them used the .ncs file that this mod uses, nor have I noticed any bugs.

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