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Author : RedHawke 07/16/06 V1.2 (Original Release: 10/06/04)
Update : 02/25/2020 V1.2i

Version History
1.0 original Release

1.1 Fixed Locked Door Issue [Crosses Fingers] (Thanks to T7nowhere)

1.2 Enabled Transit Function (Thanks to Kaspian)
This mod adds a new planet to travel to in KOTOR, ORD Mandell, though the planet is small (5 Areas), it has, what I hope is, a lot to offer. (Includes two new quests for KOTOR)

I hope you all enjoy the New Planet!

Run Tslpatcher, if you want to install High Stakes Warren Pazaak, copy and paste files from that folder.

global.jrl (after running tslpatcher, may require jrl merging with jrl merger tool or manually with kgff editor to make things compatible)

Installation Instructions:
Please put all the files in the 'For Modules' folder in your KotOR Modules folder, and place the 'For Override' folders contents in your KotOR Override folder... that's it.

The 'Source Scripts Go Nowhere' folder doesn't do anything and you can IGNORE IT, is packaged with the mod to help fellow modders out.

The 'High Stakes Warren' folder contains a script that if placed into your KotOR Override folder it will allow Warren the Quarren to be able to take up to 100,000 Credit Wagers in Pazaak.

You will have to reinstall this mod if you later wish to install my Recruit RedHawke mod, or my Weebul & Utiinii's Shop and accidently overwrite the global.jrl file from those mods you will need to restore this file from this mod as the one with this mod is the most recent and compatable with all my previous mods.

This mod should be compatable with just about everyone elses mods as well that doesn't use a global.jrl.

Uninstallation Instructions:
Simply remove these files from your KotOR Override and Modules folder.

This Mod Does:
This mod adds a new visitable planet to KOTOR, ORD Mandell, a republic resupply colony. It has a landing area, and apartment block, an outside area, some Storage caverns, and a suprise area, search the caverns for it. :)

ORD Mandell has two merchants available, Sval Raan an Aratech Merchant and representative, he has the usual fare, Medical, Repair, sundries, nothing really extravagent. The second merchant is Baracus the bartender in the Cantina, because of the Juhani Side-Quest Bug not letting you get the Mika Dorin premium merchant offer, Baracus sells the Mika Dorin stuff as well, so now you can let Juhani slice up her tormentor, and still be able to buy good stuff.

There are two quests available on ORD Mandell, one is from Warren the Quarren, he is a Pazaak player in trouble, and the other is from the Republic Base commander Major Brell Stygian, talk to them and see, feel free to explore first if you want.

Warning: Recommended Character level for planet is 14+, You will be in for some potentially tough, but really good fights. You have been warned! ;^)

New Armor: (By Achilles)
*Republic Battle Armor* By Achilles (Used And Included With His Permission)

Feats Required: Armor Proficiency - Heavy

Defense Bonus: 10

Max Dexterity Bonus: +1

Damage Resistance: Resist 10/- vs. Cold
Damage Resistance: Resist 10/- vs. Fire
Damage Resistance: Resist 10/- vs. Sonic

Special:Upgradeable, ArmorThe Republic has prospered militarily by keeping its troops well supplied 
with high quality heavy armor, ensuring they are always prepared for the 
most demanding battle conditions.

This armor has been modified by me some, to make the files compatable with my other mods, and reduce the texture size a bit.

You get the Armor as a major-part of the quest reward from Major Stygian.

A boatload of thanks to Fred Tetra for creating the awesome and simple to use kotor editing tool.   

And A Big...Big Thanks to DooM_DealeR, for for creating an awesome new area tutorial!

And Another Big...Big Thanks to Darth333 and TK102 for their previous scripting help, without which this mod would have not been possible!

And Thanks to Cchargin for the cool Kotor Mod Manager, KMM Program!

And lastly, a Big... Big thanks to Achilles who made the Republic Armor and it's texture that makes the two Republic Twilek Officers in this mod look so cool, and more match the common soldiers!

Also a very appreciative nod to the many friendly and informative people at the Lucasforums Holowan Laboratories board who have shown and or helped me to learn how to do stuff like this.

Other Possible Bugs And Module Notes
There is no planet text on the galaxy map for the planet, this would require editing the dialogue.tlk file and if I included one not only would the download size go up by 1.8 megs or so but it would mess with the non-english versions of the game. You can use TK102's KOTORTlk program to edit your own dialogu.tlk if you want to, the planets name ORD Mandell goes into entry #42505, and the planets description should go into entry #42511, too big to give here. Anyway I wouldn't suggest it, I left it alone and without text myself. :^)

And I have no idea if the planet will become unavailable like the others do when you crash on the unknown world, I hope it does, but I have no idea if it really will, either way I would suggest once going to the unknown world, if the planet is still available, to avoid going to it, as I don't know what the effects on your savegame would be. If the planet is still available when you leave the unknown world, and you go to it, instead of the Star Forge like you are supposed to... you could mess up your save game so you do this at your own risk!!!

And lastly, Enjoy!

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