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Droid Oil Bath Recovery Item 1.0.0

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This mod adds a new type of droid-only item that will remove any status effects applied to a droid. There is a bug with the game that in some instances causes negative effects such as Slow to be applied to party members (semi-)permanently, with no practical in-game way to remove them.

To use, simply add the "Droid Oil Bath" item (g_i_cmbtshot050) to your inventory via KSE or console command. When a droid is the active party member, the item will appear in the GUI slot for stimulants like adrenals and is used in the same manner. Each item is single use and will remove ALL status effects currently applied to the recipient. This includes both positive and negative effects, so take care when you use it. It is intended as more of last resort bug fix item than for general use.

The companion mod for meatbags, Cup of Caf, can be found here.

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