JC's Fashion Line B: Commoner Clothing for K2 1.1

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This mod does several things:

  1. It makes all texture variations of the commoner clothing available to the  player, with all the items - 11 total outfits - placed in various locations  throughout the game. I've placed them where those outfits seemed to be the most popular, so if you see an NPC wearing an outfit you haven't seen before, the item can probably be found nearby.
  2. It changes which clothing item the player receives on Telos, based on class as seen in the character creation menu. Only the first clothing item the player receives will be based on their class; players of all classes will still be able to find the other variants elsewhere in the game.
  3. It adds a male variant of the Czerka uniform to match the existing female texture. For whatever reason there wasn't a male variant, so I've cobbled together one from the female variant and the other male textures.
  4. It shuffles around some of the textures so the male and female variants match each other more closely, primarily based on color. I've made sure to patch any affected characters to revert their outfits to their original appearances.
  5. It adds unique icons and names to all the items, so you can tell them apart. (They were all just called "Clothing" before.) I've named them based on who in the game wears them; for example, two of the outfits popular on Dantooine I've named "Settler Clothing" and "Fringer Clothing". The icons display both the male and female variants of each item, due to the differing appearances.
  6. It adds custom icons for Atton's Ribbed Jacket and Mira's Ballistic Mesh Jacket. They originally used the same icon as commoner variant #1, and since I changed that to look like the commoner clothing I saw it fit to give the unique items their own icons as well.
  7. It touches up several of the male textures to fix some discoloration and bad seams.

I have also included an option to give the commoner clothing some upgrade capabilities. If you choose this option, you'll be able to upgrade the clothing items with some underlays, the same upgrades available to the miner uniform.

What's New in Version 1.1   See changelog


Fixed a bug with one of the spawns in Khoonda. I don't know how this happened, but the code I released was not the code I tested. So I've put in the real code this time.

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