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Sometimes the Best Solution Is the Simplest: KotOR Modding Edition



  I just learned the hard way that the phrase "sometimes the best solution is the simplest" can apply to KotoR modding as well.

After the initial release of my KotOR 1 No Gendered Dialogue from Male NPCs mod, I was planning on adding another installation option to remove Holdan and Tanis Venn from the game entirely. I had spent a considerable amount of time and energy to figure out how to do it without causing bugs, and I want those changes to be made by setting up TSLPatcher to patch relevant files instead of hard replacing files in order to improve compatibility with other mods. I kept trying to use GIT editors to delete the NPCs' UTC, but every time when I used TSLPatcher's ChangeEdit to configure the changes and tested it in my game, there were bugs like duplicating a different NPC.

Finally, after multiple unsatisfying attempts and almost giving up, I figured out the solution turns out to be much simpler: Just use K-GFF to edit the GIT files by replacing the NPCs' TemplateResRef to _false, like how I replace the script references of the dialogue I want to remove in my mods. I should have thought about it earlier, since this was far from the first time I used K-GFF. 😖 I was so relieved when I tested this final solution and found no bugs. 😌

Now I have updated my KotOR 1 No Gendered Dialogue from Male NPCs mod to version 1.2.

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