Blog #93 - What's in my DropBox? [Holiday Edition]

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Sith Holocron


Here are some links that I'm either making open to the general public for the first time  - or in certain cases - reminding you that I've done so before.

Mod issues are your own responsibility as I won't be providing troubleshooting.

Happy Holidays.

KotOR1 Mods

Shores of Death: Kill Everyone at the Beach Scene by Furio

Manaan Fish Fest by Furio

Evil Temple: An Alternate Temple Scene by Furio

Alternate DS Female Romance Ending by JdNoa

Slaughter the Jedi Council by Furio

KotOR2 Mods

First National Bank of Coruscant mod for KOTOR II by DarthHK3000

KOTOR 2 Music Mod by Torthane

Droid Planet (v. 1.3) by DarthShan

Female Twi'lek Exile by Stoffe

Force Zeal by Stoffe

Peragus Mining Laser by e-varmint

SWTOR Audio Play - Prologue

Imperial Agent - Prologue - Hutta - 3 MP3's


If you liked any of these items, please leave a note below and tell us all about it!

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