Blog #92 - Looking to complete Achievements in SWTOR

Sith Holocron


I've got two missions that I'm having difficulty completing in SWTOR and I'm looking for folks that might willing to join me on these missions so I can finally be done with them. Both of these missions are on a Republic character on the "Star Forge" server. On with the mission descriptions!

1) The Shroud Revealed

"The Shroud Revealed" is the final mission in the Republic line of the Macrobinocular Missions.  In it, you finally take on the character called the Shroud personally.


BTW: Yes I know it isn't "the final time" that you deal with the Shroud as I do know all about the HK-55 bonus mission but let's move along to the topic at hand . . . 

Due to the way this mission is set up, you have to have 4 people to take part in this mission. That's because the players have to press buttons to access certain areas.  It's a puzzle oriented mission with some combat thrown in.  Sadly enough, I technically completed this mission yesterday morning but the folks I was playing it with were skipping the conversation cut-scenes. I was recording the mission.  As I want those cut-scenes in my recordings, I didn't wind up turning in the mission so I still have it active.

If you're interested in assisting me, you'll need to read the guide listed in the link above.  You'll want a well geared character.

Why I want to finish this mission: I don't even care about the what pitiful gear they offer for the mission.  It's mostly for the achievement.  And this achievement needs to be grabbed so I can grab another one on the Star Fortress. 

Speaking of the Star Fortresses...

2) Defeating the Voss Exarch in the Star Fortress 

I've beat all of the Exarchs - the final boss on the Heroic Star Fortress - except the Star Fortress above Voss.  Quite frankly, this guy is a pain in the ass.  This is the Exarch of the Voss Star Fortress: Andur Melor.


He hits like a truck and spams heals . . . a lot.  If you want to know more about the whole Star Fortress line of missions, you should probably consult this page on Dulfy's site for a general overview.  As I'm a healer, I suppose I'm looking for tanks on this one. If you're interested in assisting me, you'll need to read the guide listed in the link above.  You'll want a level 70 character and that character should be well geared.

Why I want to finish this mission: Though I want to beat this guy partly for the achievement, it's mostly so I can acquire the last of the Star Fortress companions.



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