Blog #77 - The "LucytheAlien" Situation

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Sith Holocron


Since many of you lack the intestinal fortitude to ask me directly why she was banned, allow me to illuminate you.

  • Multiple times, she violated Rule 6 - the bumping rule. She was warned many times via PMs not to do this but she continued to do so. She even bragged about doing so here.
On 4/26/2018 at 5:17 PM, LucyTheAlien said:

Say what you will but before I posted there was no updates and now volia.


Let's not forget her continual complaints that folks weren't working non-stop about mods she put in requests for. Modders will work on mods at their own pace and badgering them about it isn't going to increase that pace.


  • Twice, she violated Rule 3 - Flaming/Harassment - when she PM'd me (and presumably others) to complain in a profane manner about previous complaints. Because of the language used in the Private Messages, I wouldn't be able to post them here. (I've deleted them from my Inbox so don't bother to PM me to ask to see them.) By the way, she also complained about delays on the boards. She continues to complain about mods not being created on her schedule off the site. Here's a choice example from YouTube.

Here's something you might be forgetting: I don't get paid for this job. Modders don't get paid for making their mods, either. Do any of us need ceaseless aggravation from folks that can't be patient and/or abide really simple rules of discourse? Like it or not, this forum does have rules and by using this site, the user has agreed to abide by those rules. Follow the Rules and you'll not get banned. It's really as simple as that.

I've deleted most of LucytheAlien's threads that lacked any responses. If she's not going to be here to respond, the deleted threads really serve no purpose any longer. Threads she initiated that had received responses remain.


Here's what the site owner has to say about this situation, by the way.

On 5/1/2018 at 6:53 PM, Tyvokka said:

I think its suffice to say, she broke the rules, we told her to be on her best behavior multiple times and she was banned for not being able to follow that simple instruction. If a mod / admin is asking to you stop behavior it is not appropriate to continue said behavior just because you don't agree with it. You can politely challenge policy but if you are shutdown there really isn't further discussion to be had, especially not in the tone she was coming across with.


The matter is now closed. Move along. Move along.  (Yes, this is a locked thread.)


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