Blog #76 - Using M4-78 EP with Snigaroo's KOTOR2 Mod Build

Sith Holocron


Snigaroo - one of the administrators over at the KOTOR2 Subreddit - dislikes using M4-78 EP. That's his right. However, when I do my next play-through of KOTOR2, I want to use both the KOTOR2 mod build and the M4-78 EP. Might anyone have any suggestions what the install order would be in this particular situation? You should assume that I am using the 4CD version of KotOR2 and that I am playing on a Windows 7 computer.


I'm leaving this blog open as I have no idea when M4-78 EP will return to Deadly Stream.


I'm also not asking for any additional mod suggestions. When I'm satisfied that I have the Mod Build and M4-78 EP working well together, I'll make a new blog asking for suggestions.

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The Spoiler or non-spoiler build? Just FYI, it was just updated as well. 

I imagine you'd just be looking for loose 2da files that do not have properly created tslpatchers. And keeping in mind maximum placeables TSL can have, which DP mentioned somewhere, but since the update I cannot find where, nor have I had the time to track it down. But that would be a good peice of information to know about, for obvious reasons about placeables, which I'm sure you know all too well. 

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