Blog #78 - So much for Coruscant . . .

Sith Holocron




Well, this project at least.


Here's what I wanted to do. The Landing Video would have covered all three areas of the mod preceded by an orbit shot.








The pan would have been quick but the EH green screen would have only shown up after the pan stopped moving.


(I even had a skybox set up for the fountain module - no one ever pointed out that there's a blue Dantooine sky above that room but I sure as hell noticed it.)




On to Part 4 though . . .




(The takeoff video would have been much shorter - going straight from a take off (part 4) to leaving Coruscant's orbit (part 1).)


The problem was even after acquiring 3DS MAX, Adobe After Effects (for the engine glow) and having NWN MAX, I could NOT get the buildings to load up. The frustration is extreme. It's too much work for a mod that I wasn't ever really crazy about in the first place. Not having something to release at least saving me the pain having the release be either outright ignored or nitpicked.


Hopefully, one of you have loads more talent than I do because I'm tossing in the towel on this one.

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 . . . a few hours later


What do you with folks that ragequit in such a dramatic fashion?  You smile and nod, and let them calm down on their own.  (Which I've done now.)


There's another problem I would've had with the video even if I had figured out all of the above: the skyboxes.  The skyboxes used in the "Part 4" picture above are combination of my Coruscant skybox and Sharen Thrawn's Nar Shaddaa skybox.  I can't release that merged skybox without ST's permission so the video seems to be a moot point, huh?

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