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Old thread follow-up



How do you go about overriding area walkmesh files


One day I decided Atton really ought to take a seat, specifically on the Administration Level as he operates the console. Normally he would stand, and a convenient camera angle would make it look like his hands were on the console. Why do that when everything looks like he's meant to seat down, there's even his favorite chair from the Ebon Hawk. Unfortunately the walkmesh of that area didn't agree, the spot where Atton would need to be is not walkable, and I couldn't seem to make it walkable with WalkSwitch. Now I've suddenly had the idea to modify the animation so that Atton wouldn't need to be there, moving the animation root will make the animation play exactly where it needs to play. So I made a stunt model for Atton using S_Male02, which has the animation, and put it in the dlg file. I hex-edited four numbers inside the model, renamed the file, and there you have it, Atton uses the animation from the dialog stunt-model and appears seated on the chair with his hands on the console. Muahaha.

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I saw your next post, I think this is good idea. It did seemed odd that he'd just lean over like that.

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