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Sith Holocron


I've turned most of the major characters' lines for K1 and TSL into Mp3. I'm weird that way. I'm also anal retentive which means I have to track tag those MP3s. And I have to have decent album art for the track tag.


Why not turn that obsessive nature into a positive?


Hence me working on my own little portrait package. HairlessWookiee over at Reddit has been kind enough to provide some high quality shots of the TSL NPCs for me. A few at time right now. I thought I'd show off what I've done in the form of animated GIFs.


Handmaiden (Hood Up)


Handmaiden (Hood Down)


Visas Marr




Now obviously it's only three frames with transitions I made to fade between them, but they aren't that hideous!

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Easily some of the best TSL Portraits I've seen so far. I've always used J7's TSL concept portraits.


Are these going to be released as a pack?

Well . . .  if I were to release them, I'd need high quality versions of G0-T0, T3-M4, HK-47, and Mandalore separated from any background before that could happen.  I'd have to have the hi-res skins by Darth_Sapiens used for the Mandalore and T3-M4 shots.  I'd probably want the skin made by 90SK used for G0-T0.  Not sure what skin would be best for HK-47. (Perhaps one version with the standard skin, and one using Darth Parametric's model with Kainzorus Prime's skin for it.)   Preferably, the angles that the shots were taken would closely replicate the original avatars.


As I have no 3D modeling work experience in order to get camera angles the way I'd like, I have to reply on others to do so for me. :: shrugs ::  I don't suppose anyone might be able to help me out with that?

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Quanon has agreed to look into grabbing the remaining folks (G0-T0, Hanharr, T3-M4, HK-47, and Mandalore) so I might eventually be releasing a Portrait Pack with the pictures listed.  I will not put a release date on this as I'm not going to rush Quanon at all.  When it's done, you'll see it in the Download section.


I was thinking about having T3-M4 utilizing a Peragus background, G0-T0 with his yacht as his background, and Mandalore having Dxun as his background.  If you have particular locations withing those areas that would work well, I'm open to suggestions.

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This is more of a "proof of concept" as I'm not quite satisfied yet with Mandalore. . .




As you can see, the picture frames aren't the same size. This would be fixed in the final version, of course.

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Well, this is a little better . . . T3-M4

Janice Nall appears to be doing a little dance in the background.  LOL

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