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  • Submitted: Apr 28 2012 10:39 PM
  • Last Updated: May 02 2012 08:00 AM
  • File Size: 3.34MB
  • Views: 38956
  • Downloads: 4,459
  • Approved by: Hassat Hunter
  • Approved on: 02 May 2012 - 08:00 AM
  • TSLRCM Compatible: Yes

Download Sith Stalker Armor

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ok so this is my first mod to kotor 2 TSL its the sith stalker armor the ultimate evil look in TFU (the force unleashed) I had much fun rigging the armor and hope you guys like it and I will be planing on making more TFU armors

here is alittle bit on what the armor is about:

Sith stalker armor, painfully grafted onto the wearer's flesh and bone, was meant to transform dark side disciples into powerful Sith assassins. It had an intimidating appearance that was designed to inspire fear in any enemy. Rather than utilize gauntlets, stalker armor instead replaced the vast majority of the hands with prostheses, though some flesh remained, allowing the user to apply Force lightning in combat without fear of it backfiring. The prostheses featured a set of metal claws attached to the finger tips. Despite their considerable length, they did not appear to cause any inconvenience on the part of the wearer, though this was likely just a result of practiced use.

so anyhow credit goes to Shiftee (model), Deadman (installation), UberBlack (texture) and Reapper *me* (rigging)

usage of the mod: you can use it anyway you want just give the guys shiftee, deadman, uberblack, and me credit if you plan to modified it in any way.



looks so good :)
Needs some polishing but it is still an amazing feat that you managed to create this. Awesome job, mate, 10/10!
why cant isent it Compatible with TSLRCM
I also wish to know about TSLRCM compatibility. Also, very nice mod. I might download it when I do a male play through. Or when it's TSLRCM compatible.

As to why the mod is good, I like how it was modeled, though I must admit that I have no idea what rigging is. I also like the mask;it reminds me of the bounty hunter disguise(here I want to say Bossk) in Episode VI. The neck looks cool as well, though I must wonder at the green tint overall.

And lastly, this, in my opinion, sets the stage for a cyborg mod.

9/10 on account of the green tint.
It IS compatible with TSLRCM.
BTW, you'll need to use cheats to get armor ingame:
giveitem sith_stlk_1
deadman you need to change where it says TSLRCM compatible to yes
Hassat Hunter took care of it.
Looks amazing. I'm confused on whether it's compatible but the armor is amazing.
wanted this for a long time!
WOW!! That is amazing. Great job at creating this armor.

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