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SKIN:K1 Clothing Reskin - The Scout

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K1 Clothing Reskin - The Scout

K1 Clothing Reskin - The Scout


This is a reskin of the default scout clothing that was inspired by a very old video made eons ago by the legend themselves, ShemL.
It seems that Shem had some personal edits to clothing that I was very fond of and they were never uploaded but showcased in some of their YouTube videos. 
Beyond being unsatisfied by some of the other scout reskins, this inspired me to create my own based on Shem's personal reskin/edits. 
I've decided to upload it for others who like me, are looking for something similar to his edits or are interested in switching up the OG scout clothing colors.

Installation Instructions: 

Drag and drop .tga files into override. Overwrite when prompted. 


ShemL - For the inspiration 
ShiningRedHD - For the upscaled .tga files from their mod (linked below). 

Source Files:

Inspiration Video: (locked to 240p)

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