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SKIN:Ebon Hawk Cockpit Upgrade [LEH_Scre02]

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Ebon Hawk Cockpit Upgrade [LEH_Scre02]


MOD AUTHOR: Sith Holocron


GAME: Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic and Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 2: The Sith Lords



This mod collection replaces the LEH_scre02 textures found around the Ebon Hawk include much of the cockpit area, the room with the holoprojector, and other various EH locations. (The older version that was primarily made by Dark Hope will continue will still be available in my other releases in case this mod isn’t to your taste.)

You may be wondering: "Why did this need to be made?  You already animated Dark Hope’s texture so why not stop there?"  Fair questions and I’ll answer it here to save folks from having to ask later.  I do love DH’s LEH_scre02 texture as it’s very neatly designed.  However as it is so neat, it does seem to be veering away from the vanilla aesthetic.  It’s for that reason that inspired me to make my own attempt.

First, I started with an upscale kindly provided to me by ConansHair of the LTA_scre02.tga texture.  This texture - with some exceptions that will become quite apparent - are a slightly higher resolution in the vanilla texture so that’s why it was chosen. I’ve heard this unused texture as “the weird baby version” or “nightmare fuel.”  (Before you ask, they are likely the developer’s babies born during KotOR1’s development.) I recolored the green parts to match LEH_scre02’s blue.


Then there was this portion of the texture (already recolored blue):


It lost a little bit of its shape during upscale, so I decided that now needed work.  I took a portion from my Peragus Medical Monitors and Computer Panel mod and added to blue bars that can be seen in the picture above. Some minor recoloring of the planet as well.

Other things done to the “nightmare fuel” texture:

  • Added a wireframe of the Ebon Hawk in the standard monitor colors. Of course, animated as usual.
  • Grabbed a top-down view of the EH from a menu and fiddled with it so both sides of the EH would be shown. I then added some subtle (for me, anyway) animations to the two places on the texture it is seen.
  • Copied some knobs from that same menu to replace the ones in the texture.
  • Added new versions of LEDs to cover the misshapen ones from the upscale. I added animations where I deemed it prudent.
  • Replaced three of the monitors with textures that seemed to more closely match the aesthetic. (One of these is animated, the other two are stationary images.)
  • Added tachometer type gauges, animating some of them.
  • Adding animation to that 5 x 4 row of buttons.

After all of these were done and looked over for issues by a top-notch beta team, I asked ebmar if he could add “glass overlays” to the monitors.  An overlay free version is also available.

Ebmar was also able to convert the 4K texture into a 2K TPC reducing the file size for everyone.

Constructive criticism is welcome.

Here’s a video preview of the texture in action.


"Ah ha!" I hear some of you cry.  "But what about this!?!"


"What are those weird overlays on that texture?" you exclaim.  Those have always been present on the model.  And as this a texture mod and not a model mod, you know what the Mod Requests section is for. (So go on now. Scoot.)


For either game – If already present in your Override folder, delete LEH_scre02.tpc, LEH_scre02.tga and LEH_scre02.txi (or move them to your Desktop)

Then after extracting the contents of the 7z file, choose from the Overlay and Non-Overlay folders which TPC file you wish to use for your Ebon Hawk and place it in your Override folder.


To Uninstall:

Delete LEH_scre02.tpc from your Override folder.


Known Bugs:

None known at this time. If you do encounter one, please note it on the download page and tag me in the comment.  I’ll see if I can suss out the issue.


Legal Disclaimer:

All materials and copyrights belong to LucasArts, Bioware and Obsidian Entertainment Inc., I own none of the materials, and I'm not making any money out of this mod. It is to be distributed as-is without alteration, unless by permission of the mod author. This mod is not to be distributed for profit, either.

I hereby state that I specifically do NOT wish this mod to be uploaded to Steam Workshop. Ever.

I may release this on NexusMods at a later date but I don't wish others to do so.

Usage in other mods must be requested AND approved by me before your use.


Special Thanks:

To ConansHair for the upscale of the and for input on this mod’s release.

To Malkior and Fair Strides for their valuable input.

And to Ebmar for adding overlays and for converting the huge texture to manageable TPC sizes.





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Very nice job here, SH!

I would like to ask you a favor, if I may. As you know, in K1, LEH_scre02 is the sister texture to LEH_scre01. Now, in my case, I have already a retextured version of both textures and I am very fond of them together. Yet I believe this latest retexture of yours is too good to be left out so I decided I should use it and now comes the problem.

LEH_scre01 uses a different, brighter texture for the ship. I have attached a screenshot here to show what I mean. The first shows the cockpit without this modification and the second with.

I was wondering, if it is not too much of a trouble for you, if you could kindly make a small customization to this LEH_scre02 retexture of yours using the brighter Ebon Hawk that I have in the LEH_scre01 texture to make them 100% compatible with each other. The inverse operation could be also done, but I have a small preference for the bright Ebon Hawk.



I have also attached the LEH_scre01 texture, in case you might want to give it a shot.



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23 hours ago, Salk said:

Very nice job here, SH!

What specifically is a good job about it?  Use your words!

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Just now, Sith Holocron said:

What specifically is a good job about it?  Use your words!

I liked the animations, for starters, especially the buttons.

But what I like the most is the aesthetics and the way the textures seem to smoothly integrate with the surroundings, keeping the original visuals intact. I am not so good with words, but I hope I have given an idea of what I meant.

Cheers! :cheers: 

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