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Looking for the best source for the highest quality droid reskins (or upscales) for KotOR2

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All of you probably know that droids have been on my mod lately.

In your opinion, which of the mod packages here or out there should I be looking for if I was specifically looking for the best reskins or upscales of all of the droids seen in the game? And yes, I'm including the M4-78 droids in this too. However, I'm not really looking for reskins of the following droids:

  • HK-47, 50, or 51
  • T3-M4 or any of the other astromech droids
  • Protocol droids (like these guys)

However, if the package you suggest includes the other droids and those models, that's OK.  Just didn't want any of you going out of your way for something I don't need.

Thanks for your attention.

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Hello everyone!  I'm in a bit of a bind.  I was working on recoloring some AI upscales of some of the droids that are rarely encountered in TSL.  It wasn't until after I did those recolors that I realized that I didn't know who actually made the upscales and what pack they were in.  Knowing this is important as I need to seek permission before uploading my altered copies anywhere.  To help narrow it down, does anyone know which pack an AI upscaled version of the "C_CONDRDBOSS" might be?  (It is sized at 4096 x 4096 so the texture is fairly huge.)

This would be helpful for anyone hoping for better looking droids on M4-78 and other places, if you haven't figured out what this'll be used for.

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Probably easier to just source some new upscales. Either do it yourself via something like Waifu or I can give you some. If your recolours are layered PSDs then it would be an easy swap.

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I don't have Photoshop so they're not PSDs. The work has already been done.. If I can't find the originals and acquire permission, I'll likely scrap the project. 

Update: Found it!

It's Ultimate Character Overhaul -REDUX- ( FULL ) by ShiningRed

Update 2: Got permission from ShiningRedHD to use their textures!

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