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RESOURCE:KotOR Switch Modding Framework

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KotOR Switch Modding Framework

Switch KotOR Modding romFS Dummy Folder with 1.0.3 dialog.tlk

This is a set of files and folders designed to make modding the Switch version of KotOR easier and more accessible to a novice user.

Read to the end before using.

You will need a hackable, or modchipped Switch to use this, and custom firmware must be installed, I use Atmosphere, but anything that supports romFS should be fine. 

This should work just fine with the digital or physical version (when it is released) without issue. I have only tested this on the most up-to-date build at this time, 1.0.3. It may work on 1.0.2 or 1.0.1, but it is not guaranteed, and I'm not concerned with supporting them.

Extract the zip file, and install any mods you want to use, pointing TSLPatcher at the romfs folder containing the dialog.tlk file. For mods that don't use TSLPatcher, copy files as directed, "romfs" is equivalent to the directory on PC containing the executable.

NOTE: You may need to move files that TSLPatcher is expecting to the folder to be able to patch them. You can access them by dumping your game with nxdumptool, using romfs. Make sure you include updates when doing so.

Feel free to comment with what you needed, and what mod it was for, and if there is popular demand, I will add the files to this pack. The easiest way I found, was just to try installing a mod, and then check the log for errors to see what files were missing.

NOTE: Long filenames cause issues with TSLPatcher, this is exacerbated by the length of the filepath for romFS modding. I recommend moving the "romfs" folder to the root of the drive and patching there, moving the folder back afterwards.

Make sure to check your error log, you may manually need to copy .lip files over to override afterwards.

Move textures (.tga, .txi and .tpc) to override/Textures or they won't apply

At this point, copy the atmosphere folder to the root of your SD card, and you should be done. Please feel free to mention any issues you run into, or workarounds you needed, and I'll update this post.

I tested a run of K1CP with no major issues.

Mods that involve UI likely won't work. Everything is at your own risk, you may end up with a broken save, etc. Worst case scenario, you can uninstall all mods by deleting the `0100854015868000` folder from `/atmosphere/contents/`

Big thanks to JC for helping me pin this all down.


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