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Wasn't sure where to post this.

I decided to play through Kotor 2 again, and for the most part is was smooth sailing. Until I had Visas appear. The fight against Visas went off without a hitch, but afterwards was when the problems started. During the cutscene with Atton looking over Visas in the med bay, Visas's model was replaced by Kreia's. After the cutscene, I go talk to Visas and she's still using Kreia's model. I used KSE to change Visas's model to normal, but when I go back into the game, her model is still Kreia. I looked online and the only tip I could find was that it might be a problem with the Visas  Unmasked mod (which I have never had problems with before, by the way; I've done two whole playthroughs with it installed and never had issues with it).

I uninstalled Visas Unmasked, and that's when things really went to hell. Whenever I load up a save, the screen is covered up by\zoomed into some random random texture and I can't turn the camera. The minimap and other gui elements are visible, but my character can barely move, or not even move at all depending on the save I load. I reinstalled the mod, but it didn't fix the issue.

Is there a way to fix this, or am I gonna have to do a hard reboot of my mods and game?


EDIT: Figured out the problem and had to do a clean install. This blog can be removed.

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With KSE, check your player appearance and those of your party members. I suspect something is empty, if there is then set the appearance (and while you're at it also the portrait, which is likely also empty).

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