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9 hours ago, Revanbeta50 said:

Please help us MOBILE uesers this is one of the mod us MOBILE  uesers need to complete kotor 2977034112_Screenshot_20211120-220853_OperaMini.thumb.jpg.889f6c6e96b906b7c86dc63908e9e927.jpg

You should ask in one place at a time, not both in a category and in-turn one of it's categories.

While I can't say for certain as I don't use the mobile version of this game, I would imagine it already works fine. Install on PC, copy across etc. Same as any other.

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U need to change the movie files 

Because it crashes the game its weird that way ?!?!? 

But I like to talk about another mod like this that needs to but in mobile will 2 really kreia fall ingame cut scene and sions arrival in the mineing facility ingame cutscene 

Now that would be cool if some one helped us out

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