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MOD:K1 Armor Nitpicks

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K1 Armor Nitpicks


A bundle of my personal nitpicks to the armory of KOTOR. This compilation aims to rectify duplicates among other miscellaneous stuff (I have not considered GenoHaradan rewards for this effect). All the new textures are supposed to fit in, look like they belong. Hopefully they're up to standard.

~ Calo Nord's Battle Armor uses the PBG02 texture. Fits the color scheme much better in my opinion. In fact, I wonder if this was the intent all along.

~ Powered Battle Armor uses the PBG06 texture. Consistent with K2.

~ Verpine Zal Alloy Mesh uses the PBG05 texture. Consistent with K2.

~ Zabrak Combat Suit uses a new texture. The Echani Fiber Armor should be the recipient of this change really, but it's the iconic go-to armor in Taris for the PC. No longer a duplicate.

~ Zabrak Battle Armor uses a new texture. The Republic Mod Armor would be the target of this change but again, same deal. No longer a duplicate.

~ Mandalorian Assault Armor is no longer a disguise and uses the unused PBH07 texture. I know, I'm evil incarnate. Consistent with K2.

~ Mandalorian Heavy Armor uses a new texture.

~ Jedi Robes and Revan Armor no longer display their erroneous max DEX bonus. Less confusing.

This mod does not fix the many pricing inconsistencies on armor; It does not address the Dark Jedi robes inconsistency; It does not address the Qel-Droma robes (yet).

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If I had not already done a very similar work with all K1 armors I would have certainly been more than interested in this new modification of yours.

Thanks for this new release, TK-664!

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