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MOD:Unique Sith Academy Students

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Unique Sith Academy Students

Changes the heads of named Sith Students to not be clones of every one-off NPC in KotOR.

Adrenas and Kel Algwinn now have unique Asian heads based on various PC heads.

Tamlen gets a unique Asian head as well as a name. Just in case you want to chat before you explore the tombs.

Thalia May has a unique head based off PFHB02, and her fellow rebels are now armed with different weapons from each other.

Dak Vesser now has a unique head so that Juhani can truly recognize her former classmate.

Tariga has a unique head based off PMHC02 and his old commoner head.

Galon gets the Black commoner head he had previously, but I've added a beard and changed his eye color to green-yellow. Also he's tired.

Also included is a compatibility patch for my Taris NPC Overhaul to ensure that the slaves on Korriban don't have "Outcast" tattooed on their faces.



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