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Ol' Cappy

MOD:Choose Starting Feats

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Choose Starting Feats

Mahalo for checking out my first mod!  I hope you'll enjoy using it to make some broken characters. :)

I made this mod because I wasn't quite happy with the the Persuade skill change that was included in jonathan7's Character Start Up Change and I wanted something that would fit vanilla a little bit better while offering more freedom in terms of character customization.

You got two flavors of this mod:

1) Choose Starting Feats is the default.  Each non-Jedi class keeps all armor & weapon proficiencies and any automatically granted feats, but I have removed the two attack feats each class got.  Each class now has 3 feat points to use at the start.  This is what I personally use and what I would recommend if you want something that is still close to the vanilla experience.

2) Full Customization removes every feat from all three non-Jedi classes except for Armor Proficiency: Light and any automatically granted feats.  With this version, Soldier now starts with 9 feats, Scout gets 7, and Scoundrel has 6 feats.  I also adjusted the auto-level recommendations for the increased amount of feats, so the game will recommend the same feats each class starts out with in vanilla and will continue to follow the recommendations it would make in the vanilla game.  This means Quick Characters, auto-level, and the Recommend button should not "forget" you have more feat points at the start and not waste any feat points.

Both versions use TSL Patcher to install, so this should be extremely compatible with a lot of mods.  I have not tested it with K1R personally, but I do know it works with the Community Patch at the very least.  I have marked it for the time being to be compatible with K1R since the patchers only make edits to the feats available at release.

Please feel free to contact me through PMs or in the comments section if you have any questions!


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