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Help (re)creating walls in KotOR 1

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HI guys

In Kotor 1 I need reproduce/create the wall attached to a door. I've placed a door in a passage but it has not "wall".


ES Paret Porta (b).JPG


As well I'd need reproduce/create the final and small room of a transition door or add it at the end of the passage.


ES Sortida (b).JPG

(I think is not needed to say that is the Endar Spire)

I've been searching with Kotor Tool if the walls and roof are some kind of Placeables but I haven't found them. (Aside, is possible create and add a new room in a module in KotOR 1?)

Opening the .are file with K-GFF I can see the list of the rooms Structs but, aside the particular room names, I see nothing for identify them nor coordinates for copy a struct and relocate in a different place.

Someone could help?


Edit: BTW!!!!!!!!! It's a very stupid thing but someone can tell me how can I take screenshots of KotOR in game running on Win7? I've been googleing and I've found that I had to enable it in "swkotor.ini". I've done so but when I try to paste the image in the Paint app I just get a black square as image. I've had to reboot under WinXP for take the screenshots.


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This is not something you can do with placeables. Well not existing placeables anyway. What you are talking about is room model editing and/or creation. This has to be done in 3DS Max/GMax. It's not a topic that can be easily summarised in a couple of lines.

As for screenshots, you can enable them in the ini under the [Game Options] section, setting EnableScreenShot=1 and in K1 you can also use GUIsInScreenShot=0 to always take screenshots without the GUI just like in first person mode (doesn't work in TSL though). Using the PrintScreen button will save screenshots in the game folder as TGAs.

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Ok, thanks, I was beginning to imagine something like that.

About the screenshots, after activate the option in the .ini I didn't realize that are stored in the KotOR directory and I kept trying to paste the images in the Paint... :ermm::innocent:

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