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Creating Map Notes in KotOR 1

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Hi guys

Following this thread by @LDR

and using its linked download of a mapnote.utw file I've been able to add different Map Notes in the map of a custom module of K1. The dots are there and works fine but I can't make that the name of the points appear in the map.

The place where should appear the custom name(s) of the zone(s) in the map (do not confuse with the name of the Module) remains in black with any name.

The thread says "Under MapNote, type you want the Mapnote to say" but in the .git file all the fields that could be written a text in the square area are in grey. Unable to type in. Opening the .utw file with K-GFF I can add text to some fields but still no success.

Any tip/help?

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By default, mapnotes (like pretty much every other string in a GFF) use a StrRef - i.e. a line from dialog.tlk. If you want to use a local string, in KGFF right click on the Mapnote node in the GIT and choose Add String. That will add a local string child node that will let you type in your description. Make sure the StrRef field in the parent node is set to -1.

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Oh goodness, that tutorial can definitely get cleaned up. 😅

But yeah DP hit the nail on the head. Just choose "Add String" and type your text.

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