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MOD:[K2] Revans Robes in Ebon Hawk container

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[K2] Revans Robes in Ebon Hawk container

Unfortunately, for whatever reason kotor 2 uses the same names for multiple references in the game. This is not an issue for an unmodded game because the files have directories. The problem is when the game is forced to load one of these files (via override folder) and the game will no longer be bothered to differentiate between the games original files.

This is entirely my fault for not testing enough and assuming the game is as modifiable as other titles. I currently do not possess the time to find a workaround for this issue. Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.


Update v1.1

Unfortunately this version has conflicts with the decontamination room on in the Peragus hanger now. Use at your own risk.


The prologue bug has been fixed! 

In order to fix the prologue bug,  I now edit the Ebon Hawk Container (Davik's spice container from K1) not the hidden compartment. This means the robes are open to you as soon as you leave Peragus (assuming your character finds them)

Be sure use the "Updated" file! I will leave up 1.0 but be aware it will cause issues with the prologue.



This mod must be installed before boarding the Ebon Hawk on Peragus.



Simply adds Darth Revans robes (g_a_revan_01 from Indiana_Revan77's "REVAN'S ROBES/STAR FORGE ROBES FOR TSL") to the hidden compartment on the Ebon Hawk. I like to think Revan had another set somewhere just in case... Or perhaps the Dark Lord left them behind purposely. We will never know for sure...

This is the only place where I could believably place Revans Robes without leaving a note or something to force it to make sense. Indiana_Revan77's mod allows you to craft them, but I think it's sort of silly to craft something as legendary as Revans Robes from buckets of components at a workbench, so I added a (somewhat) lore friendly place for them default_smile.png


Requirements: <----


without these installed, they will not appear at all!!!






Install TSLRCM.

Install Indiana_Revan77 for REVAN'S ROBES/STAR FORGE ROBES FOR TSL. You will have to run the TSL patcher and probably direct it to your Kotor2 install directory.

Extract then merge the the provided Override folder with the one in Knights of the Old Republic II\override

OR just drop the single file "ebcont001.utp" into your Override folder

If you don't have an Override folder you probably didn't install REVAN'S ROBES/STAR FORGE ROBES FOR TSL, go back to step 1 :p



Upload, edit or translate this as you please, if you must, include the requirements and credits, credit for me is not required.



FRED TETRA for the amazing "KOTOR TOOL"

TK102 for the amazing "K-GFF"


#mod_development in the KOTOR discord

rece_w for his very helpful "Kotor Modding Tutorials: Editing textures, uti, utc, utm, utp, dlg, Creating merchants (PC/Mac)" on youtube! 



Have a good one!


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