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SKIN:Council Robes Basic Reskin

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Council Robes Basic Reskin



            This mod adds the council robes, a variant normally only worn by NPCs, and makes them available alongside the vanilla game robes in KotOR 1. The robes are added to 3 merchants in the game: the basic, lowest level variety is available at Crattis’ general store on Dantooine with 3 texture variants, although the variants for this robe all look pretty similar. They are also available with better stats as Knight robes at the Czerka Representative’s store on Korriban in Dreshdae, and as Master Robes at Mic’tunan’jus’ store on Tatooine in front of the Ebon Hawk. This mod should be compatible with other mods that modify these merchants, but this mod is not at all compatible with other mods that modify the base robe models OR add new textures. The idea behind this mod is to have the option to wear both council robes and base game robes at the same time, being compatible with base game items but not other similar mods. This mod will also not place the robes properly if you have been to Dantooine, Tatooine, or Korriban before installing the mod.


            Start the Council Robes Basic Reskin Installer executable. It should prompt you for the location of your KotOR 1 directory and move all the necessary files itself. With the exception of the merchant files, the installer will fully replace any files of the same name as the ones in the ‘tslpatchdata’ folder, so won’t be compatible with other mods modifying those files or using the same names, since they are not standard game resources.


            To uninstall, remove all the files listed in the ‘tslpatchdata’ folder from the Override folder.


            Of course, without use of Fred Tetra’s KotOR Tool, MDLOps by Chuck Chargin, KotOR Blender by Symmetric, Purifier, and Ndix UR, k-gff from tk102, and TSL Patcher by stoffe, this would not be possible. Thanks to all of you.


            This is really the first mod I have made, and I have only tested the new models and textures so much. If there are issues you come across that I did not foresee, or perhaps simply any quality-of-life things that may be added, let me know, either by sending a message on or sending an email to



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