Tweaking Anakin head mod in 3DS Max 2012

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I am currently trying to tweak Darth Parametrics https://www.darthparametric.com/files/kotor/k1/[K1]_DeadMan_Ep3_Anakin_Skywalker_Revised_02.7z

I use MDLedit to compile the MDL into an ASCII 

I import Geometry and Animations into 3DS Max 2012 Via KotorMax 

I make a slight adjustment to the face 

When I export the OdysseyBase, the photo in the attached happens.

How do I fix this? 

I have been a fan of this game since late 2004 and would love to be able to create my own head mods. Can anyone help me out? Thanks in advance.  -Misha


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To start with, make sure you are using the latest version of MDLEdit and/or MDLOps to decompile the model. If you still get errors then that is presumably an issue with KMax that you'll have to notify bead-v about in the KMax bug thread. Assuming that you haven't first verified that you are also using the latest version of KMax.

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I'll do that right away.


Also when I try to edit anything, Kotormax wont export it unless it's scaled to one. 

Like when I got to export the modified version with different scaled parts, the sanity report tells me that everything isn't scaled to 1. Is there a way to change this? 


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