(TSL) Correct visual reflection of age for Jedi Masters

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That recent animated aging avatar by Sith Holocron made me think about the external signs of the age of the Jedi Masters in TSL.


The Council holorecord was from 10 years prior the game, but the members of the Council did not visually change (do they use the same models?). And obviously they could not be too young to begin with. Especially Vrook, he was same old man in the TSL (3951 BBY), in K1 (3956 BBY), in the holorecord (around 3960 BBY), in the comics "KOTOR" set shortly before the Mandalorian Wars (3964 BBY). He was even in the Council in the comics about Duron Qel-Droma (3993 BBY) and looked like he was already over 40 (this might just be an oversight, but funny in the context of this post).

In less than 10 years, Malak received tattoos, unique armor, skin changes due to the influence of DS, lost his jaw, replaced it with a metal plate, as a result received a new voice and, in the end, was killed. Revan shaved / grew facial hair all the time. But the members of the High Council didn't even change their hairstyles (let's assume that Atris had closet full of same white librarian' s robes).

This may be a reasonable idea for a mod or, perhaps, some kind of expansion to Full Jedi Council mod to visually reflect passing years on masters, for example, to make Atris and Lonna Vash younger in Holorecord and to age Vrook in the present time. Kavar and Zes-Kai Ell  can be changed in any direction, I'm not sure about them (they appeared only in the background of one comic book).

What do you think about this subject? And is anyone willing to create such a mod if it fits the lore?

Vrook in years.jpg

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This topic actually came up on the Discord server yesterday. I argued that, much like dark side players look like cancer, Jedi preserve their health and youth better, which would be why the K1 player looks like they're in their twenties. This also lets you imagine Revan's and Malak's age before and during the war as you see fit. Do with that as you will.

It would be more fitting to give Carth his unused aged head texture for K2, come to think of it.

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12 hours ago, La Ingobernable said:

This topic actually came up on the Discord server yesterday.

Damn, so I barely missed all discussion? I should, probably, register there.

Although I generally agree with you about Carth, there is only 5 years of difference between K1 and TSL, and middle-aged people (Carth 43 years in TSL) often have fewer face changes than after 50. Therefore, I can somewhat accept the K1 model for Carth in TSL.

As for the Jedi Masters, they must be older than Kart (because they had already held positions in the High Council by 3964 BBY), and 10 years is a long enough period for some aging. Yes, I know that force-sensetive can live longer than other people, but, for example, Jolie and Obi-Wan Kenobi looked their age. Or so I was about to write, but I see that you have already dismissed this argument in Discord, BEFORE I started this topic. It feels weird when you look at 2 different resources on the same topic with the same members at the same time.

Anyways, I think I can find other examples of Jedi who have aged properly. And at least there may be differences in hairstyles (people often follow the fashion or Zes-Kai Ell can still have forehead hair).


7 hours ago, Sith Holocron said:

It's actually de-aging, JSYK. 

So I got such serious idea because of tiny misunderstanding? LOL!

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