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MOD:Level Up Rate

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Level Up Rate

Info: This mod increases the amount of EXP needed per level to level up. Made for use in mod builds which extent the game and add extra content or for people looking to add an extra challenge. 

Use in conjunction with my other mods for maximum difficulty. This should give even heavily modded characters a challenge! (Impossible Mode Restored and Extensive Difficulty Overhaul)

Mod Packages

Default: Default EXP needed per level
Extra 1000: Extra 1000 needed per level
Extra 2500: Extra 2500 needed per level
Double: Double EXP Needed per level

EXP needed to reach level 2 remains the same for all packages due to the forced level up. 

Installation: Chose which package you want and copy the file "exptable" into your Override Folder.

Compatibility: Compatible with all mods that don't add or edit the EXP Table file.

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I noticed there is an issue where the Extra 1000 &  Extra 2500 options of this mod don't work as intended. The extra experience needed only applies once, not once per level.

Opening up the exptable.2da files, it looks like this is due to some of the math used to replace the original values. Comparing the default table to the Extra 1k and 2.5k versions, each row after the first has  a static 1k or 2.5k added from the default. Each level cap is shifted the same amount, so the difference between any two levels is the same raw amount of experience (after lvl 2) as a vanilla version. See an example below, and my "fix" to increase the difference between each level the appropriate amount.




Lvl Default +1000 R +1000
2 1000 1000 1000
3 3000 4000 4000
4 6000 7000 8000
5 10000 11000 13000
6 15000 16000 19000
7 21000 22000 26000
8 28000 29000 34000
9 36000 37000 43000
10 45000 46000 53000
11 55000 56000 64000
12 66000 67000 76000
13 78000 79000 89000
14 91000 92000 103000
15 105000 106000 118000
16 120000 121000 134000
17 136000 137000 151000
18 153000 154000 169000
19 171000 172000 188000
20 190000 191000 208000


You can see what I am talking about by taking any level and substracting the level cap of the previous level to see the amount of raw experience needed to advance between them. I did this in excel, so it should be easy to replicate for the 2.5K version. I can also send over an updated 2.5K version if you'd like.

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