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What are canderos' files

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So I was using the the mod fett style mandolorians for k1 and when I tried taking canderous' armor off it stayed on. So I unistalled the mod but I didn't have the file s backed up so I screwed it up and removed canderous entirely by mistake some how. If you could help me with canderous' base game files or how to fix this it would be much appreciated.

I attached the fett style mandolarian mod I was using. Disclaimer (IDK if this is necessary but I dont want to get in trouble) I didn't make this mod or modify it in any way.

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If you're referring to his mdl and mdx files, they are:

- p_candba.mdl/mdx




You can re-extract them from KOTOR Tool under Kotor 1 - BIFs - Aurora Model & Aurora Model Extension.

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