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Stuck in "Revenge of Revan"

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What happens is that I am currently playing the mod of "Revan's Revenge" of Logan23 and I am trapped in the "Corelia jungle" before entering the closed door that is in the jungle, I already spoke with the Sullustan in the canteen and I really don't know how to continue (Sorry for my bad English, I'm from Argentina).

Here I leave 2 images of the corresponding door and the mission. (Sorry for the poor, quality I had to take the picture with the phone since the screenshot of the PC did not show the image of the game)




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I am also stuck at the exact same place! I got the crystal (it does not show as an item in my Inventory, but it says that I received the crystal in the Quest Log), and the door will not open. I also tried the other door in the jungle (labelled "Broken Door") and it also does not open.

I have installed Revenge of Revan on a clean install of KOTOR II, using the English version, from GOG.

If anyone has found a way to get past this point please let us know!


UPDATE: After watching a video walkthrough of Revenge of Revan on Youtube, i realised that you are supposed to have Sergeant Uldir Tank (the Correlian soldier) in your party when clicking on the door in the jungle!

You are supposed to get Uldir Tank in your party after talking with the King, immediately after the conversation there should be a party selection screen where you can add him.

For whatever reason, I did not get that party selection screen, and therefore I was unable to add Uldir to my party! I believe that is the same issue that caused Reevangara (the OP) to get stuck at the door as could be a bug in the mod.


If anyone has a savegame made after talking with the King and getting Uldir in their party, please reply to this thread and upload a copy of your savegame to the post. Many thanks in advance!

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