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Hey guys, I'm very new here, just got a few quick questions so would appreciate any help, thanks.

I'm interested in playing as an Ithorian for my next play through, so I went ahead and used the KoToR savegame editor to change my appearance to an Ithorian (Alien_Ithorian_02) but was let down to find that there were no combat animations for him. Is there a way to make a mod that uses combat animations from the default human appearance but keep the look of the Ithorian?

Thanks again.

TL;DR want to play Ithorian, no combat animations. Any way to fix this?

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The Ithorian model doesn't use the player supermodel rig, so it only has what animations are on the model. You can read up on the various difficulties with giving such a model combat animations here but the short answer is it's hard and I don't see anybody volunteering to do it yet.

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