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Pramod Marlon

MOD:TSL - AI Upscaled Icon Overhaul

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TSL - AI Upscaled Icon Overhaul

This mod contains 4x upscaled versions of pretty much every icon in the game. Just download, unzip and drag all the 1000+ Files into your override.

This save game collection by chAinz.2da was used to take in game screenshots ,


 All the files are in .tga format so no need to worry about that!

The Types of Icons that are in this mod include,

  • Force Power Icons
  • Feat Icons
  • Behavior Icons
  • Saber & Force Form Icons
  • Upgrade Part Icons & Workbench upgrade slot Icons
  • Saber Crystal Icons
  • Weapon, Mask, Belt, Gauntlet, Energy Shield, Medpac, Repair Kit, Stimulant, Implant & Mine Icons
  • And a helluva lot more! (literally 1216 Files)


And I really hope you guys like this mod!


This mod should not be incompatible with anything that doesn't edit the same files. If you already have mods that edit icons, just choose the ones you prefer and keep them.😉


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8 hours ago, Pramod Marlon said:
These screenshots don't do the mod justice, and my override folder is ridiculously overrun with mods, so I can't take proper screenshots in-game.(Without including other people's mods that is)

1) You have to have a before and after shot to show people why they want to download your mod. They need to see what the changes are and have that represented without having to use your mod.

2) Utilize menu screens to show off those before and after shots, as that will likely minimize other mods showing up there.

3) If other mods would be seen on those menu screens, list them individually and have them hyperlinked to their original download page in your mod's description.

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I don't even think some of the mods I have are even uploaded anywhere anymore, I even checked on filefront. I suppose I'll just install k2 to a different directory to take some pics. For example I have a mod which makes the K2 UI blue, and I think I got it off from filefront but I've had no luck finding the mod, and the mod doesn't say who the author is....

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