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One of the red light textures on EH . . .

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There's a Ebon Hawk texture that I'm researching that's available in TSL but isn't in the game for the original KotOR.  This is the one I'm talking about.


Now the blue version of this (LEH_light04) is seen throughout most of the game and the unlit one (LEH_light06) is only seen during the Prologue.  Does the above pictured texture ever make an actual appearance in the game?  If you've seen it, let know where and when please.  If you have pictures to show it, even better!

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9 hours ago, DarthParametric said:

What's the actual texture name? I don't see any LEH_lightXX that matches it. It's entirely possible it is either LEH_light04 or LEH_light06 (most likely the latter) with a coloured self-illum.

Not at home so working from memory but I believe the texture is named "LEH_light11".  It shows up in KotorTool for TSL.

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4 minutes ago, DarthParametric said:

Huh, I must be blind. Doing a search through the MDLs though finds no instances of LEH_light11.

There's the definitive proof!  Thanks DP!

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