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Offhand Weapon Issue/bug

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As shown in the screenshots, i am having a huge issue out of offhand weapons. With blasters they sit on the wrist and not in the hand. With saber and melee weapons, they sit IN the palm and then clip through the hand when in combat stance. Double bladed weapons have no issue. 

I have tried the following; 

-Validating files

-Reverting to legacy

-Removing ALL mods

-Starting a new game

-Fresh install

Nothing has given me a solution. I posted on the steam forum but no answers as of yet. To me this is a pretty big bug. A lot of NPC's use offhand weapons as do i in a playthrough. 

Any known fix out there???20191119013552_1.thumb.jpg.410e9099c84f50fa8f8618fa2866d536.jpg20191119013627_1.thumb.jpg.43982a965ee332472b9dae3eea7a4779.jpg


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1 hour ago, DarthParametric said:

This is a vanilla problem in both games. You'll just have to live with it.

I have never noticed this. And i have played this game for what feels like an eon. Mostly on xbox, until recent years.

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