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MOD:Vandar Silent Dialog Fix (Android)

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Vandar Silent Dialog Fix (Android)

During a certain conversation with the Jedi Masters on Dantooine, Master Vandar can speak a line of dialog that is not voiced.

This is an Android-only bug. It seems whomever was in charge of making each line of voice acting work only with the Android port left this particular line in its PC state which is incompatible with the port, resulting in silence.

Luckily the line by Vandar is pure fluff and it is the proceeding line by Vrook that moves the conversation forward. My fix? Remove Vandar's silent line. Nothing is lost in the conversation as it will skip Vandar and jump to Master Vrook instead.

This mod is compatible with "Jedi From The Start" as even though that mod changes a lot of dialog on Dantooine with the Jedi Masters, this particular dialog file for Vandar is not used.

Credits: Kotor Tool by Fred Tetra, DLG Editor by tk102

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