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Hello everyone, 

A few years back I had a list of about 5-6 large Battlefront 2 mods as a mod compilation installed in a specific order for maximum compatibility but unfortunately I uninstalled my BF2 from Steam and deleted the data a few months ago. I'm looking to play the game again with a mod compilation installed. Unfortunately I can't find a mod list with full compatibility so I was wondering whether anybody has a mod list they can send my way as I don't want to randomly install mods and regret it later haha. 

Any help will be appreciated. 

Many thanks all :)

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Hello Friend,

I think these are all the ones that are compatible without many/any problems: - The Dark times - Mass Effect: Unification - Republic Commando: Battlefront 


You may also be able to install this at the same time - Battlefront conversion pack

I think order of installation is : Conversion pack,  Mass effect, dark times and then republic commando.

However there is  this - Battlefront 2 Mod Loader. You can only load one mod at a time but you can easily switch between using the mod loader. 

Hope this helps in some way :) 

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