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[Request] TSL - Floating Lightsaber Force Power

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If you remember in the final boss fight with Kreia, she is able to control 3 floating lightsabers to attack you.


I'm wondering if any modder would like to recreate it as a force power such that it can be used by main character and companions.

I understand how it works which basically spawn a couple of invisible NPC (using Lightsaber_Floating appearance) equipped with a lightsaber, the problem is I don't know how to spawn NPC with mod...

I notice there is one mod exist somewhere in the Internet which is for Kotor 1, while I'm not sure does it compatible with TSL, as it also come with other force powers which some of them are actually taken from TSL. 

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Since I cannot find a good one, so I decided to extend a 10 year old mod for my own use. So far, the result is quite well.


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