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MOD:Item Description Fix Pack K1

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Item Description Fix Pack K1

Item Description Fix Pack For KotOR 1


This mod is an attempt to fix as many issues with item descriptions in the game as possible including mistakes such as typos, grammar problems, spacing, issues with paragraphs, and consistency problems.

There has been no attempt to fix intentional things that might be considered a quirk of the game. This just fixes the above problems and tries to make things more consistent.


* All headgear items now show that they can’t be used by Wookies.
* Grenades look consistent with each other.
* Mines look consistent with each other.
* Droid utility items look consistent with each other.
* Fixes to obvious mistakes with spaces and return carriages.
* Basic grammar and punctuation issues are fixed, but awkward wording is not.
* Spelling mistakes are fixed, except for items where alternative meanings are acceptable.


TSLPatcher is used as the installer but universal compatibility is not guaranteed yet. This will be done in a later revision of this mod and for now it will not overwrite your other mods.

To start installation just extract the DescFixesK1 folder and run DescriptionFixesK1.exe from inside that folder.. follow the instructions from there.


You have permission to alter this mod and redistribute your modified versions. I'm happy for you to repackage it, include it in your own mods, or upload it anywhere you like. I only ask to be mentioned as the original author of the mod.

 ·    Made with Fred Tetra's Kotor Tool
 ·    Uses TSL Patcher for installing the mod
 ·    KSE Save Game Editor was very helpful in creating this mod
 ·    JCarter426 for clarifying a question about editing placed item properties

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  • K1R Compatible


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